Monday, 19 March 2012


Hey Bloggers!

So I found another word of the week and instantly got inspired! The word is "Shades". Since this beautiful weather has drawn us all outside, what better time then to pull out your shades and be in the sun!

Some other inspiration!

This is an image by Al Parker and this image inspired me to try something I haven't done before. I love how you have a realistic image of a woman in the background but then some fun vector drawn images to finish the body and hair. I liked how you can incorporate a very bold real image but use drawn images to bring it all together.


As for my sketches, I thought about maybe doing a cut out of sunglasses, a close up on a face with sun glasses on, or doing a full person.

In the end I decided to go with the actual advertisement with a person in it. I thought it would make it really interesting and to the point.

In this idea I decided to try a knock out. I took an image and used it for the background but did a black knock out for the body. Its hard to explain in text - so I will show you.

How I did it !

First I found an image I liked and made a copy of it. Next I did a live trace and turned it into a black and white logo. After that I took out many of the extra details in the face and background.

Next I lined up the knock out with the background to create the mysterious look. I like this because it uses a realistic approach but adds some modern feel to it.

Then I started on the creator of this brand. I couldn't think of a brand name so I went to a map and searched out an interesting name that related to shades. While I was looking up that I thought about a logo and decided to go with a simple pair or sunglasses.

Finally I found Uxbridge and thought this worked and sounded appealing. This name I believe works because on sunglasses, the piece that sits on your nose is called the bridge. I added the red colour to make it stand out and have some visual difference.

In the end I added "shades for men" for a tag line and one more pair of glasses.
Hope you enjoyed my process and maybe will go out and by some shades to!

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