Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pay it Forward!

Hey everyone -
Just a quick blog! PAY IT FORWARD!  
Share a random act of kindness and spread the news about 
Pay it Forward Day - March 15th.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Final International Women's Day Design

Hey Bloggers! 

So here it is, the final design. I hope you got a good understanding on how I came to the final design and got inspired yourself. 

To get from the painting to this, first I edited the colours to brighten them up, then all I did was take out all the text, add a fresh layer or photoshop paint, insert some new and interesting text, and add my own message.

Happy Long weekend!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Illustration Friday - " Suspense"

Hey bloggers!

So I got a head start on this week's word was SUSPENSE and I came up with a scary poster for Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt. I chose to do an advertisement for this because in my own experience, I was constantly in suspense wondering what was going to happen or jump out at me when I attended the Haunt this past october.
This piece is by John Styga, and was my inspiration this week. I chose this piece because I likes how this shows a very scary image, but has the unrealistic quality I like. I also chose this one because this screams suspense. What's going to happen next? Does this man survive?

Sketch Work

For my sketches, I came up and several ideas on how to make this advertisement most effective. Some ideas went around centring out an item, some went around an theme or picture. In the end I chose to mix a picture and theme - zombies and graveyards.

How I Got To The Final
In the beginning I made a gradient for the background, a sunset to a dark night.

Next I added a small grave yard to add a scary appeal.

Then I added a few zombies to the yard for the "suspense" feel.

Up next I added  a creepy zombie filled with blood and mystery. Then added the Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt logo.

To finish up I added the tag line and information.

In the end I ended up adding a few bats to add some more scary aspects for the grave yard.

I hope this added some suspense to the Halloween Haunt if you have never been.

Cheers! Rachel.

p.s check in next week for the new word of the week. :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Illustration Friday "FORWARD"

Hey everyone!

So this week's word was "Forward". Thinking about the word made me think of a few options. Cars, technology, personal growth, and travel. This week I went with Cars because they are always changing and moving forward as people grow and change.

My inspiration this week came from Thomas Vroman. I chose this piece because of its unrealistic quality. I liked how the colours aren't what you would normally pick, but it still makes a great picture. This is the way I chose to go with my picture. 

Sketch Work

While I worked on what my concept should be, I thought about either doing a a road showing a car moving forward, a new car, or a view of a car. When I decided upon that, I chose to go with an advertisement for Bugatti Veyron 16.4 because it seems like a new step into technology.

Stages to the final

The first step was finding a proper photo and creating an unrealistic version of the car.

Next I added the smoke to the care to make it seem as if it were moving forward quickly.

Then I drew out the Bugatti Logo.

Next I added the name of the car and the specs on it.

In the end I added the slogan "always moving forward." to get the understanding of "forward".

Check in next week to see my next Illustration Friday's Word.
 Cheers! Rachel.