Monday, 12 March 2012

Rebecca Perehudoff

Rebecca Perehudoff (inspirational woman)

Rebecca Perehudoff, the oldest daughter of William Perehudoff and Dorothy Knowles. Although a long-time resident of Chicago, Illinois, Rebecca is still well known in the Canadian art scene. On a regular basis, she returns to paint from the Northern Saskatchewan forests and lakes near the family cabin at Emma Lake. There is a consistent lightness of touch in Rebecca’s work that comes from a familiarity with her subject and an inherent confidence and familiarity with the painting process. Rebecca has stated that “a connection with nature more than site per se is a wellspring for my art”.

This work of art created by Rebecca Perehudoff is
a really interesting piece because of the colours
and the brush strokes.

I love this work because the colours blend so well together but have bright splashes of green that compliment the others. I also love the scene she chose to paint. This picture is so simple but so complex at the same time. I can picture myself in a forrest like this and I can connect with the colours.

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